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noxnoctis17 said: If you have to put a “code” in to dial out, 9/10 times it’s 9 and then the number. New phones even have an “outgoing” button n’ shit.

Okay so people are saying I should try to call the police because being embarrassed and stuff now is better than them finding me tomorrow morning?

Ahh fuck but I am so scared of confrontation ughh.

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kat8therude asked: Just saw your post about not having a phone! Can you look around and find an e-mail address for a librarian? B/c you might want to send an e-mail saying 'hahaha sorry got locked in your library FYI not homeless or a robber'

What’s cool about this library is that during their normal hours, they have like a “chat with a librarian” thing - like IM. But I don’t anyone checks e-mails during off hours?

;-; I’m thinking I might just bum around here. You know. Drink water. Read books. Use the bathrooms. Try to be really really quiet and wait for 8am.

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bulundu asked: Hm.. You might be able to find a phone on one of the staff desks?? But they might have like, a call-out number to dial first, so.. Uh.. Ha, since you have your computer, can you get in contact with someone you know that way? And have them call someone?? I'm honestly just laughing, I don't think I've ever heard of this actually happening to someone, ha, aww.

Yeah I don’t know. At this point I am trying to weigh bumming out and sleeping here vs. trying to use a phone (like I don’t know if there is a code I need to punch in to use the phone? And I really don’t want to venture to the staff desk area because uhh breaking more laws??).

Haha, I have to say I am also laughing about the situation but uh, like in a trying not to be too anxious way. Like HAHA hey I have water here and hey I have my computer sooo.

Lesson learned: do not be nerd.

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